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                * * * * * Prochain rendez-vous / nächstes Treffen / Prossimo appuntamento : 16/ 06, 17:00 : PLAIN-CHANT GRÉGORIEN et ORGUE BAROQUE * * * * * EBERSMUNSTER (Centre-Alsace) / Abbatiale / Stiftskirche / abbaziale : Noé BRENCKLÉ et l' ENSEMBLE TRECANUM

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Who are we ?

The name

The word "TRECANUM" is probably an incorrect medieval translation of the Greek word "Trisagion" : an old praise to the Holy Trinity.

The Ensemble Trecanum

l'Ensemble Trecanum

The Ensemble TRECANUM was formed in December 1996 by Etienne Stoffel, 1. prize of the National High Conservatoire of Paris. Etienne Stoffel founded the Centre of Gregorian Studies in Metz in 1975. He studied the Gregorian Chant with two monks of Solesmes Abbey : Dom Eugène CARDINE († 1988), former professor at the Pontifical Institute for Sacred Music in Rome and Dom Jean Claire († 2006) former conductor of the choir of the Solesmes Abbey.

The Ensemble TRECANUM brings together singers who have a solid knowledge of Gregorian, liturgical and early medieval Chant.

The Ensemble TRECANUM performed in several regions of France and Europe : Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain on the "Compostela route", Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraina, Slovakia, Poland, Baltic States, Russia (St Peterburg), and Channel lslands.

The Ensemble TRECANUM recorded two CD : "Ave Maria" and "Emmanuel" (music of of the Christmas time)

The singers

Etienne Stoffel
Etienne STOFFEL, baritone and musical director,
born in Paris, cellist, is now Professor at the National Conservatoire of Region of Strasbourg (France).
Anne-Juliette Meyer
Anne-Juliette MEYER
Marie-Reine Démollière
marie-Reine DEMOLLIÈRE
Carine De Bortoli
Elsa Thouvenot
Bernard Riwer
Bernard RIWER, tenor,
born in Haguenau.
Xavier Bazoge
Parsival Castro
Parsival CASTRO