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                * * * * * Prochains rendez-vous / nächste Treffen / Prossimi appuntamenti : 23-05 STRASBOURG - 20:30 église / Kirche / chiesa de la Toussaint, 15 rue de la Toussaint /// 25-05 OTTMARSHEIM - 18 h 30 abbatiale / Abteikirche * * * * * A bientôt / Auf bald / A presto !

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Year 2001

The Ensemble Trecanum took part, in the presence of the Archbishop of Strasbourg, of the representatives of the University and of the Municipality of Strasbourg to a large audio-visual spectacle for the 700th birthday of the birth of Jean TAULER. This event celebrated this preaching brother of Strasbourg at the 14th century, an eminent representative of than one called the "Rhenish mystics".

This superb spiritual and artistic fresco carried out under the direction of fr. Rémy Valejo, brother of the Dominican Convent of Strasbourg, put magnificiently in prospect for many images of the Old Strasbourg, a "relive" of the stained glasses of 13th, 14th and 15th centuries of the old Dominican church of Strasbourg which was destroyed at the war of 1870, with texts from the Sermons of Jean Tauler. The music punctuated this spectacle, with Gregorian chants ensured by Trecanum, as well as pieces for organ of Olivier MESSIAEN. The mystical inspiration of this type-setter came thus in echo to the Word, the song and glass art, bringing closer thus singularly the Middle Ages and the twentieth century.

at Hermance (near Genève) in the romanic church

at the church of St Jean-Baptiste de Crémieu (a medieval small town located at the east of Lyon)


Eglise d'Aulnay

August : the third concert's tour, at first in North Italy :

19. August at Domodossola, at the small romanic church of San Quirico fuori le Mura, which is located at the mountainside

20. August at Antholz, a nice village of South Tirol (Italy),

then the 21. and 22. August in the area of Dolomites : at Pieve di Cadore (where the painter Titian was born) and at Colfosco

23. August at Aquileia, in the extraordinary and immense Basilica built above the mosaïcs from the roman time perfecty preserved. The ruins of the ancient roman town are open to the public.

The concert of the Ensemble Trecanum took place among the Summmer events which are organised from the Fundation for the Backup of the Basilica of Aquileia. With the collaboration of this fundation, the "Centrum Latinitatis Europae" was created in this high place of the first christianism. During the Upper Middle Age, Aquilea was one of the firsts european christian centers, before to be supplanted by Venise.

then in Toscana :

25. August at the barock cathedral of Colle Val d'Elsa, a small town of Toscane located beetween Florence and Siena ;

26. August at Siena, in the crypta of the Basilica of San Domenico.

27. August at Florence, in the famous dominican church Santa Maria Novella (right) whose the pictures of the florentin masters of the Renaissance, especially the choir, are vis-a-vis at the huge gothic nave, which was built for the preachers.

28. August at Volterra, a magnificent small medieval town where anyone is able to admire number of elements of the Etruscan civilization.

Sta Maria Novella

15. September : the Ensemble Trecanum was invited to perform at the abbey church of Luxeuil-les-Bains (near Vosges).

The monastery of Luxeuil was founded by St Colomban at the 6th century. This Irish monk traversed Western Europe in company of the future saint Gall, and founded abbeys whose radiation will be one of the most dynamic elements of the evangelization during the merovingian time. Without any doubt, the monastery of Luxeuil is most famous : during two centuries, it was the greatest center of the monastic life in Occident.

October :

12. October : Liverdun (near Nancy) at the gothic church of this village at the side of the Moselle ;

13. October : at St Martin-de-Boscherville (near Rouen), in the former abbey church whith an immense nave, and which is a perfect specimen of norman architecture.

The Ensemble Trecanum took part to the Millenarium of the former abbey of Fécamp, with a concert in the Holy Trinity church whose nave is as long as this from Notre-Dame of Paris. As well a session of discovery of the gregorian chant. At the same time, the municipal music school had organized an interessant exhibition about the Story of the musical notation musicale in Western Europa.


27th October : Môtiers, in the Val-de-Travers (Swiss), a different place as Romainmôtier, where the Ensemble Trecanum performed in Februar 2001.

28th October : Romont (Swiss, near Fribourg) where was the last concert of the year.