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Year 2012 (1)

March : this month marks the beginning of the season with the resumption of the « Triptych of the Apocalypse » started in September 2011 and interrupted during the winter. This cycle of lectures/concerts, begun in September 2011 : These are musical meditations on the text of the Apocalypse of St. John, illustrated with Gregorian chants and organ improvisations. 3 organists and 3 narrators are partners of the Ensemble Trecanum for the entire cycle.

Second panel, started in November 2011, of the triptych : « Visions of Evil and Lamentations » sung by the female voices of the Ensemble Trecanum :

23th March in Sélestat, St George's church with Jean LORRAIN, narrator and Bernard LIENHARDT, organ.

25th March in Strasbourg-Neudorf, at the lutheran church, with Bruneau JOUSSELLIN, narrator and Daniel MAURER, organ. At the occasion of the feast of the Annunciation, the program is expanded to the crowned Woman of twelve stars of the Apocalypse.

31th March in Zillisheim (near Mulhouse) : last concert of the 2d panel of the triptych with Anne BASC, narrator, and Pascal REBER, organ.

Before turning to the third panel of the Triptych of the Apocalypse, the Ensemble Trecanum goes perform in western France and, for the second time, to the Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey, 10 years after his first musical tour in 2002

Saint Malo

28th April in Saint-Malo, the Ensemble Trecanum performs for the first time in the cathedral of this very beautiful breton town

Cathédrale de Saint Malo
Cathédrale de Saint Malo
St Peter
29th April in St Peter at the parish church (Jersey)
30th April in St Helier (Jersey) at the Town church
St Helier
St martins
1th May in St Martin (Jersey)
2th May à St Pierre-du-Bois
Saint Pierre-du-Bois (Guernsey)
3th May in St Mary de Castel (Guernsey)
4th May in St Peter Port (Guernsey) at the Town church
St Peter Port
St Peter Port
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5th May in Saint-Saturnin : last concert in western France at the romanic church of this village near Le Mans.

Come back to Alsace for the henceforth annual celebration of the Matins service of the Ascension on 16th May evenings, at St Madeleine church of Strasbourg ;

Then, the resumption of the « Triptych of the Apocalypse » (3rd and last panel) « Visions of resurrection and Eternity », sung by the male voices of the Ensemble Trecanum.

Volet 3 : Visions de résurrection et d'Eternité

27th May in Erstein, at the St Martin's church with the partners Anne BASC, narrator, Bernard LIENHARDT, organ.

1th June in Strasbourg-Robertsau, at the church St Louis with Anne BASC and Bernard LIENHARDT

23th June in Strasbourg, at the beautiful gothic lutheran church of St Thomas, with Bruneau JOUSSELLIN, narrator, Daniel MAURER, organ, and the whole Ensemble Trecanum for this event.

Concert à Saint Thomas
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30th June in Munster, at the lutheran church, with Jean LORRAIN, narrator and Pascal REBER organ.

1th July in Dannemarie (in southern Alsace) : final performance of the Triptych of the Apocalypse, with Jean LORRAIN, narrator, and Daniel MAURER, organ, in partnership with Les Amis de l’Orgue Callinet de Dannemarie.

others concerts of the season :
3th June in Sessenheim (in northern Alsace), concert with a programm « Caeli porta » on the theme of the Virgin Mary, the selected theme for the musical summer tour of the Ensemble Trecanum.